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There are three major political parties in Canada. The New Democratic Party of Canada is the fourth, the underdog, the “nice guy” who always finishes last.

So how do you sway voters’ opinion in favour of a party who has never won an election in Quebec and has yet to be taken seriously?



Be brutally honest. We cut the political bulls**t and decided to address the issues that matter for Quebecers.

We poked fun at our current government, always running around in circles, by featuring a gerbil in his running wheel. We showed dogs barking at each other to underline the same ongoing political debates that lead nowhere. And we shot a vox-pop ad where citizens admitted that the NDP’s party leader was “too nice” and “too honest” to be in politics.

We posted a billboard campaign which asked important questions like: Keep our soldiers in Afghanistan or keep them alive?



The phenomenon was dubbed the “Orange wave”. It completely swept the province and took everyone, including the NDP, by surprise.

Political analysts touted it as one of the strongest and most effective political advertising campaigns in Canadian history. And the NDP won the elections for the first time in Quebec’s history with an impressive majority.

Client:New Democratic Party of Canada

Type:advertising, art direction, film direction